Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
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Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT

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Now available in two great sizes. For those just starting out the smaller 4 oz bottles are perfect.  But the more economical choice is the 8 oz size.  But don't be fooled they can be diluted up to 65% with Distilled water without losing the brightness in the colour.

Original 10 Colours as a set.  With this set you can mix them to make every colour under the rainbow.

Set includes one bottle of each colour

  • Molly Red Pepper
  • Blue Thunder
  • Lemon Kiss
  • White Ning
  • Midnight Blackness
  • Pixie Punk Pink
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Purple Hill Majesty
  • Dragon's Belly
  • Zia Teal

Instructions for use included with every order. 




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