Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT
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Set of 10 Unicorn SPiT

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We will be restocked the week of January 14, 2019. Please click the "Get notified when back in stock" button for the size you are looking for. We are sorry you have to wait and really appreciate that you do. All orders will have a special gift added to your package. 

Now available in two great sizes. For those just starting out the smaller 4 oz bottles are perfect.  But the more economical choice is the 8 oz size.  But don't be fooled they can be diluted up to 65% with Distilled water without losing the brightness in the colour.

Original 10 Colours as a set.  With this set you can mix them to make every colour under the rainbow.

Set includes one bottle of each colour

  • Molly Red Pepper
  • Blue Thunder
  • Lemon Kiss
  • White Ning
  • Midnight Blackness
  • Pixie Punk Pink
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Purple Hill Majesty
  • Dragon's Belly
  • Zia Teal

Instructions for use included with every order. 




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