PIY Paints Transfer Gel
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PIY Paints Transfer Gel

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Transfer Laser Printer Graphics onto your project in.


  1. You need a laser copy of your imaged printed in reverse or mirror
  2. Apply Transfer Gel to the back of your image with a paint brush. 
  3. Allow to dry until there are no longer shiny areas but it still looks wet.
  4. Lightly tape down one side to your project.
  5. Rub image firmly with a spoon or other firm item.
  6. Lift as you work to see if your image is transferring and press harder if it isn't.
Tip: If you are doing a large image wet if with the Transfer Gel in sections and rub, then move on to the next section. The Gel tends to transfer better if the image is wet but not shiny. You can reapply the Gel as needed being sure to wait until the shininess is gone. Enjoy!

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