Waxes and Sealers

We offer two brands of Epoxy Resin Sealers, to achieve that high loss finish. Both work beautifully directly over Unicorn SPiT. 

Resinate is a Canadian company, that offers two Resins. Both are certified Non-toxic and have UV inhibitors. Resinate regular is designed to accept pigments for Resin flow art, has UV inhibitors but is not fully UV resistant. Resinate Professional cannot accept pigments but is fully UV resistant. Both products can be used on items that will be outside. Both products can be used safely indoors.

Famowood, loved by Michelle Nicole is made by Eclectic Products Inc.. Unlike Resinate, Famowood is considered Toxic and should be used in a well ventilated area with a Respirator for full protection. It does not resist UV and can't be used on items that will be left outside. Yellowing can occur if you leave your items in the sunlight.