Southern Blenders

Southern Blenders are the brain child of Maria Revollo and Sarina Foster Correa.  These two lovely ladies have formed a unique partnership bringing Maria's creative genius and Sarina's mad scientist skills together.  Maria requests the paint colours, metallic paints and powders for her designs and Sarina makes it all happen.  Together they have created Southern Blenders.


Our Mineral Paint is made by Pixie Dust Paint Company's unique blend of powders that so many have grown to love. Each kit is designed around a specific technique that is created and taught by Maria Revollo. This kits were initially designed just for workshops, however over the past year so many have come to love these unique and one of a kind colors that are all used together to create something so magical. Maria's current techniques include Bermuda Blending, Alaskan Blending and Hawaiian Blending.  The products she uses to create these uniquely crafted furniture pieces are available here at Unicorn SPiT Canada. 

Southern Blenders Mineral Paint

SB Mineral Paint is a water base paint that is made of chalk, limestone, and clay and is non-toxic and free of all VOC's. It can also be used as a paint or glaze.
For Paint Use: Shake Well and Paint!
For Glaze Use: Like most paints use a ratio if 1 part paint to 1 part water!
Clean Up: Water clean up and make sure the cap is always tight. We made a decision to bottle our paints in non traditional paint bottles to keep paint from being contaminated and to aid in the ability to blend several colors without ever dipping a brush!
Sealants: Due to the nature of our product, we suggest sealing your project with Pixie Dust Hemp Paste Finishing wax. If you are needing a sealant that is more durable (i.e. kitchen table) we recommend Minwax Polycrylic.