Unicorn SPiT Metallic Gel Stain Set
Unicorn SPiT Metallic Gel Stain Set
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Unicorn SPiT Metallic Gel Stain Set

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UNICORN SPiT METALLIC gel stains allow you to easily create unparalleled, rich luminous finishes on furniture, home décor, fabric and craft projects. Iridescent mica interacts with light to maximize the shimmer and sheen of the finish.  The highly concentrated formulas enable you to create what your imagination dreams, so get inspired!  Use Metallic SPiT on wood, fabric, glass, stone, ceramic & many more projects to achieve brilliant finishes! Use SPiT on bare wood or over existing finishes as a glaze.  (Seal your work with a non-water-based clearcoat and enjoy!)

  • Gel Stain – use as Stain, Paint, or Glaze
  • Available in 6 vivid colors
  • Concentrated formula can be diluted with water or used full strength
  • Multi-Surface
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-toxic
  • Green Tea scented
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Want them all?  Order all six of the Metallic STAiNS.

Unicorn SPiT Metallic STAiN is all the new rage!! 

This is nothing in the world like it and we are super proud of this unique and original, one of a kind art medium.

Sets are available in the 4 oz sample size and the 8 oz serious artist size.


Set of 6 Includes:

  • Aphrodite (rose gold)
  • Athena (copper)
  • Poseidon (petina)
  • Zeus (gold)
  • Hephaestus (bronze)
  • Mercury (deep silver)



    1. SHAKE WELL and test small area before use.
    2. Apply with a natural fiber or synthetic brush. Foam brushes are not recommended.
    3. Dry time depends upon thickness of the application. Dry time is approximately 30-60 minutes (depending on material, humidity and temperature). If you are working on a project and the stain is a little dry to work with, spray lightly with water to continue manipulating the product.
    4. Apply additional layers until desired effect is achieved. The more layers, the more shimmering and vibrant your project will be.
    5. Once dry, use Epoxy Resin or other non-water-based coatings to protect, add gloss and dimension. For outdoor projects, make sure to protect your masterpiece with oil-based finishes or coatings that indicate they are adequate for outdoor use.

    Dilution: Product may be diluted before use to achieve a more translucent or gel stain effect (only dilute the amount of Unicorn SPiT Metallic intended for immediate use). Diluting Unicorn SPiT Metallic will reduce the shimmer – so it is recommended to test the dilution on a small, dry, clean sample piece of the same substrate as your project, gradually adding up to 5 parts water until the desired effect is achieved.


    1. Applications that do not require brushing: pour undiluted product directly on the substrate.
    2. Applications that require using a brush or to provide some water resistance:
      • Option 1: Mix 2 parts Unicorn SPiT Metallic to  1 part of any of the following E6000 Fabri-Fuse, paint additive (ex., Floetrol) or dishwasher safe decoupage and apply.
      • Option 2: Apply a paint additive or Fabri-Fuse directly to your project and let cure completely. Then apply Unicorn SPiT according to general instructions listed above.


    1. Sand the surface with 220 grit sand paper after cleaning, then dust well before applying.
    2. Because Unicorn SPiT Metallic is translucent, a primer coat may be required for best results. Paint the laminate with a water-based primer and allow to dry.
    3. Apply Unicorn SPiT Metallic over the primer according to general instructions listed above.


    1. Bake polymer clay per manufacturer’s directions.
    2. Allow clay to completely cool.
    3. Apply a white base coat of Unicorn SPiT Metallic directly onto the baked polymer clay with a fine-tip paint brush.  Let dry and then apply Unicorn SPiT Metallic.
    4. Allow to dry (approx. 30-60 minutes).
    5. Reapply as desired.


    1. Stamping method: Use Unicorn SPiT Metallic full strength for clock printing or “stamping” (creating design on a separate surface and then “stamping” it on to a fabric project). Unicorn SPiT Metallic can be applied to your stamp using a brayer or by dabbing a sponge stencil brush. Then use a water bottle and your hand or brush to blend if desired.
    2. Direct to fabric projects: Use full strength or mix with 1-3 parts water in a spray bottle or cup and brush, drip or spray it on. If diluted, it is recommended to test the dilution on a small, dry, clean sample piece of the same substrate as your project, gradually adding up to 5 parts water until the desired effect is achieved.
    3. Washing: Unicorn SPiT Metallic will keep most of its color if treated before washing (see various methods below). Wash in cold water by hand (use very little laundry detergent). Rinse with cold water. Machine washing is not recommended.

    Note: Distilled or purified water is recommended rather than hard or high mineral water.

    For more permanent fabric results:

    E6000 Fabri-Fuse: Mix Unicorn SPiT Metallic with up to equal parts of E6000 Fabri-Fuse. Dry flat for 5 hours.  Washable after 72 hours. *This WILL change the texture, durability and feel of the fabric.

    Fabric Medium: Mix a Fabric Medium with Unicorn SPiT Metallic according to instructions on the fabric medium packaging.

    Non-water based fabric protectant: Let Unicorn SPiT Metallic dry. Apply protectant. Allow to dry as indicated on protectant packaging. Let set for 24 hours before washing.

    For semi-permanent fabric results:

    Hair Dryer: Let Unicorn SPiT Metallic dry. Use hottest blow dryer setting to heat fabric until fabric is hot. Allow fabric to cool back down to room temperature. Let set for 24 hours before washing.

    Iron: Let Unicorn SPiT Metallic dry. Put iron on hottest setting (without moisture). Lay wax paper over fabric. Iron front and back of fabric until hot. Allow to cool back down to room temperature. Let set for 24 hours before washing.

    Vinegar: Put fabric with dried Unicorn SPiT Metallic in cold water/vinegar mixed at a 1:1 ratio. Let fabric set in vinegar/water mix for 24 hours. Rinse with cold water and a very small amount of laundry detergent immediately after removing from water/vinegar solution. Lay flat to dry.

    Clothes dryer: Put fabric with dried Unicorn SPiT Metallic in dryer for 1 hour on hottest setting. Remove and allow fabric to cool to room temperature. Let set for 24 hours before washing.


    Mix Unicorn SPiT Metallic colors together to create your own special color OR mix most any water-based paint (chalk style or mineral based) with Unicorn SPiT to create custom colors.


    Use Unicorn SPiT Metallic as a tinting agent to add brilliant color to epoxy projects.  

    1. Measure and mix your epoxy resin as directed.
    2. Quickly add drops of undiluted Unicorn SPiT to achieve your desired color.  DO NOT use more than 1 part Unicorn SPiT to 5 parts epoxy. Remember, a tiny bit of Unicorn SPiT goes a long way.
    3. If multiple colors are desired, gather smaller containers to work with in advance.  Then measure, mix and pour epoxy immediately into smaller containers and add Unicorn SPiT.
    4. Pour tinted epoxy onto your project and finish your masterpiece!
    5. Please follow epoxy pouring, curing and clean-up instructions.

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