Liquid Chalk Paint Additive
Liquid Chalk Paint Additive
Liquid Chalk Paint Additive
Pixie Dust Paint Company

Liquid Chalk Paint Additive

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So you might be wondering....What is Liquid Pixie™?

Liquid Pixie™ is a liquid mineral paint additive made from chalk, clay, and limestone. The combination of those earth elements makes any flat or satin latex paint into a beautiful chalk paint with a gorgeous velvet finish. The additive is 100% organic, non-toxic is very easy to use no matter how much paint you need for a project.

It gives you the ability to pick any paint in any color your heart desires to create a masterpiece that is all about you. Imagine all those $0.99 paint samples that you stocked up on at the last ACE Hardware sale…now imagine that within seconds your little samples are now perfect jars of chalk like paint! No clumps, lumps, hardening and no ruining paint trying to add some toxic element to it! Just a couple tablespoons, cap it, shake it, and use it!

What makes Pixie Dust Paint Products different from all the others?

We get this question every day! Our products are created for the DIY painter who likes to experiment with techniques and colors without taking a 2nd mortgage to buy paint. All our products are 100% organic, natural, non-toxic and free of fillers and harmful toxins. Pixie Dust stands behind creating a safe, effective, and cost savings product.

Powder v.s. Liquid?

While Pixie Dusts foundation is based off our Chalk/Clay powder we do think there is a need for both products in the paint market! The powder is an excellent product that can handle any size job. It’s best designed for projects that take “a lot” of paint, such as a dining room set, a kitchen remodel, etc. The powder also has a near indefinite shelf life while the liquid shelf life is around one year. The liquid is also best used for smaller projects like side tables, signs, color layering, etc. Of course Liquid or Powder can handle any job!

How to use Liquid Pixie™?
It is the easiest products on the market!!! SHAKE-SHAKE-SHAKE the bottle, measure, seal your paint and shake some more! If you paint jar/container doesn’t have a lid, just take a stir stick and give it a few whirls! That’s about it!

Liquid Pixie is sold in 4 oz,  8 oz and 16 oz bottles.

4 oz bottles will make up to 1 quart of paint
8 oz. bottles will make up to 2 quarts of paint.
16 oz. bottles will make up to 4 quarts of paint.

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