Michelle Nicole's PiNCHiE POWDER
Michelle Nicole's Artistic Vivations

Michelle Nicole's PiNCHiE POWDER

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Special powder to be used with Unicorn SPiT and Metallics so they can be used for stencils. A fast way to stencil without the worry of  bleed through.


In a small resealable tupper, add 2 heaping mini spoonfuls of PiNCHiE POWDER to every ounce of Unicorn SPiT, SPARKLiNG, METALLiCS or Pearls.

Stir well, seal container top & allow the mix to develop for 20 minutes.

Apply by lightly toweling the paste across the surface of the stencil with a plastic card or silicone squeegee. Scrape off excess & place back into the tight sealing container for later use.

Remove adhered stencil while the mix is still damp & allow it to dry.

For permanent results, seal design with any oil based sealer. For semi permanent results on chalk board finishes or glass, simply allow to dry & enjoy. Remove chalk style stenciling with a damp cloth.

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