Welcome to Unicorn SPiT Canada


At Unicorn SPiT Canada we are dedicated to bringing quality products to Canadian Artists, Crafters and Furniture Upcyclers.  We offer products that are made using the highest quality, all natural, non-toxic ingredients.  We started with Unicorn SPiT Vibrantly Colored Staining Glaze and have grown to included Resinate for that super high gloss 3D finish and now the wonderful Pixie Dust Paint Company's paint additives and Natural Hemp Wax Paste.  Pixie Dust Paint Company has now developed custom Chalky Paints and Metallic powders and paints for Maria Revollo's Bermuda Blending Technique, Alaskan Blending and Hawaiian Blending  on Furniture.  These are offered under the brand name Southern Blenders.   We are now happy to offer a great selection of complimentary tools including Cling On Brushes and Textured Rollers. You can order these product lines here saving time and money on shipping.  Enjoy!!


 All Prices in CAD.